GOTS Organic Cotton Scam

GOTS is the global standard for certified organic cotton Despite having stringent verifications and checks throughout the journey of GOTS organic cotton from farmer to consumer, the process had recently been subject to rumors of foul play in India. Upon investigation of these rumors by GOTS, it became apparent that documents for at least 20,000 … Read more

Ladies Organic Cotton Underwear Review (Enjoy Nice Knickers)

Which Pair? There are many roads that lead us to the choice of organic cotton as the most comfortable women’s underwear. Whether it’s for ethical reasons, health reasons or curiosity you want to be sure that the product you select for purchase will arrive and be everything you were hoping for. Taking a looking today … Read more

Cool Kids Clothes (that Rock the Planet)

7 Reasons Why Organic Cotton Kids Clothes Are the Best! Choosing clothing for your children is fun. There are many reasons why it’s important to choose ethical and organic clothes or your children, and I wanted to share some of those with you in this article. 1) Kids Have Sensitive Skin Out of all us, … Read more

How can we Help Ocean Pollution?

What can we do to stop ocean pollution? Have you ever collected up the fibers from your drier and wondered what happens to the ones from your washing machine? Are there any ways to stop this ocean pollution that we can use in our every day life.? Science has been looking closely at microfiber pollution … Read more

What is Sustainability in Fabrics?

What is a sustainable fabric? How can you help support renewable world resources by use of your purchasing power? At the word ‘sustainable’ is defined as “conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources”. Helping you find fabulous fashion and everyday wardrobe choices using natural biodegradable materials is one of my main … Read more

Newborn Baby Clothes

Here comes your Baby! So exciting for you to be welcoming a new baby to the world! Congratulations! Every baby is special, your life is changing in so many ways, and you want to be ready! What do you need to plan for new born baby clothes? Do you need a layette? What is a … Read more

5 Reasons to choose Organic Cotton.

What is organic cotton? How do you know if it’s truly organic? Why would you benefit from making this your choice of fabric? How will it be better for your family, cotton producers and the environment? In this post we will explore the reasons for making organic cotton a positive everyday choice. Better for your … Read more